If you’re new to VPNs and want to try your hand at an affordable yet dependable one, ZenMate is the perfect pick.


ZenMate’s vision is to make the Internet an open, secure place for not only the tech-savvy people but for those who don’t know their way around a computer as well. It shows, with the way they’ve designed the program itself – there’s no harshness to the design of this VPN that can intimidate those still learning, one of its many features.

If you feel on edge about trying ZenMate out, don’t worry! ZenMate offers a free trial. Albeit limited in performance and platforms, it can show you glimpses of how the Premium model is going to perform. The Premium model in itself is fairly low priced at less than $9 a month. If you choose to avail the 1-year package, you can get ZenMate for lower than $5 a month!

The VPN also offers a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you feel dissatisfied in any way, you can contact their customer service for a refund.


• Free trial
• Zero logging
• Ad Blocking
• Unlimited bandwidth
• 300 servers in 30 locations worldwide
• “Smart Locations” feature
• Premium customer service
• Maximum of five connections
• User-friendly Interface
• “EverSecure”

Easy to Use

One of the main assets of ZenMate is its straightforward design. Pretty much all you need to do is download ZenMate, sign in with the login details provided, and customize your VPN all you want just by clicking on its icon.

Both the Desktop App and Browser Extension version of ZenMate follows this effortless procedure – newbies won’t have any trouble as they click through the installation process. It’s as simple as downloading any app.

However, if you need additional help, ZenMate’s Premium Customer Service is always ready to assist you. The team has made several customers happy according to several reviews – they are prompt, polite, and easy to understand, standing by the company’s original vision. If you have a question, write it out – customers have been surprised at how fast and helpful the replies were.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Uncensored Content

There’s no need to continually worry about eating up your limited bandwidth! With ZenMate, you can browse the Internet without holding back.

Farther back, the co-founder of ZenMate had the idea for the VPN because of firsthand experience of blocked sites in a foreign country. It’s for this very reason that he co-founded ZenMate and made sure that geographically blocked sites are reachable from anywhere in the world – to help with your studies, to entertain you as you relax – it does not matter the reason. What matters to the developers of this VPN is the fact that you can access information freely and worry-free of anyone snooping.

Worried about your ISP throttling you? With ZenMate, you’re safe. ZenMate has 300 servers in over 30 locations. ZenMate automatically enables server-switches based on the user’s needs, meaning they’d recommend you to servers that best suit what you’re doing at the moment – easy and efficient.

Moreover, ZenMate allows a maximum of five users to connect to an account. Since ZenMate is compatible with every platform and device, using ZenMate at home to protect you and your family from Internet-related attacks is advisable. It’s easy to install and use – your kids will enjoy watching unlimited shows, no limitations regarding your country, and no worries regarding reaching your bandwidth limit.

Has a free model

Nothing beats research about a paid product than trying out its free model. ZenMate’s main charm against other VPNs includes the fact that it has a free trial, both in the Desktop App and Browser Extension.

Both the free and the premium model include security features needed by a VPN, such as encryption, a NAT firewall, and Anti-TCP/IP fingerprinting. However, the free model predictably has limitations; an example of this is Germany, Hong Kong, Romania, and the United States being the only locations available.

Once you buy the Premium model, you not only avail of 29 different countries. You also gain faster Internet speed, added security, and a neat feature that allows you to specify what locations you’re going to use on certain sites. You can try the Premium model for yourself, as aside from the free trial, they offer a one-week long Premium trial for you to confirm your decision.

Long story short, the free model is enough to test out the waters of the product, but if you’re going to use the VPN long term, a small investment in paying less than $9 a month is already worth it.

Offers you security and privacy at a low price

For less than 9$ a month, you get an easy to use VPN with topnotch security. Its protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. Its encryption is different to other VPNs, it being 128-bit strong – some people have attributed this as a factor for the VPN’s fast speed.

EverSecure is ZenMate’s version of an Internet Kill Switch. If you somehow get disconnected from the VPN server, either forcibly or with a disrupted connection, EverSecure will act as a Kill Switch. It will kill the Internet Connection from your device first before attempting to reconnect; this is done to ensure that you won’t connect to the Internet via your normal ISP and risk revealing your information to the sites you’ve been on before the malfunction.

Additionally, the company also operates on a zero logging policy, meaning you’ll have complete privacy regarding your browsing records – not even the company keeps track of your history to uphold their promise to ensure the customer’s private business stays private.


ZenMate is a VPN that comes as a Desktop App and Browser Extension. It is compatible with every device and platform and is one of the most trusted VPNs to date because of its reliable Customer Support and several layers of security. It’s on the cheaper side of the spectrum, and if you’re not sure whether or not to purchase a month of it, you can always try the free or trial version. ZenMate itself is sure to convince you of its worth.