Three words to describe PrivateVPN would be speedy, easy, and reliable; not to mention, this VPN also has impressive security!

PrivateVPN has all the features of a VPN you’d want from your home – and more. For less than $9 a month, you can rest easy as you browse the Internet securely and trail-free. You can also avail huge discounts if you opt for the 6month or 13-month options, even going for as low as $4.15 per month.

It’s easy to feel worried when you’re about to try something new, but PrivateVPN understands a consumer’s needs. Contrary to most VPNs offering 7-day money back guarantee, PrivateVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning you have plenty of time – an entire month – to decide whether or not this VPN is worth keeping and paying for!


• Zero-data logging policy
• IPv6 Leak Protection
• 6 Simultaneous Connections
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Servers in 56 countries
• Internet Kill Switch
• 2048-bit Encryption
• User-friendly Interface


Impressively Secure and Safe

PrivateVPN’s main focus is to keep its users protected and secure from Internet-related attacks. They offer more than most VPNs with their 2048-bit Encryption. They clarify upon this on their website, saying they provide military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to make sure what you do on the Internet stays your business alone.

Aside from their encryption, they also support a good number of protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2.

If you’re worried about your IP address finding its way to unwelcome hands, worry not. PrivateVPN features IPv6 leak protection – rest assured, your IPv6 address is not going to find its way out of the tunnel.

However, if something goes wrong and connection the VPN server is lost or disrupted, PrivateVPN has a failsafe feature – the Internet Kill Switch. In such an event, the Kill Switch “kills” your Internet connection on your device, making sure that you won’t connect to the Internet via your normal ISP and risk revealing yourself on the websites you were on prior to disconnecting.

Furthermore, you also don’t need to worry about the company itself looking through your history. PrivateVPN states that they have a zero logging policy, meaning they do not have any sort of records about your browsing history. PrivateVPN brings you with the security you need, with the privacy you deserve.

Perfect for Your Personal Needs

If you have more than one device, PrivateVPN provides! It has a maximum of 6 simultaneous connections, whereas other VPNs offer less. For such a low price, you can have 6 devices shielded and supported by PrivateVPN – perfect for any home.

Using this VPN on different devices is not a problem; PrivateVPN is highly compatible with commonly used operating systems, not just for your computers, but also for your cellphones.

PrivateVPN gives its users unlimited bandwidth. Other VPNs on the market have a strict bandwidth limit, but with this particular VPN, you can use it every day all day without paying an extra cent. You can do your office duties, schoolwork, and play without worrying about hidden additional fees. PrivateVPN does all this and manages to maintain high speeds. You’ll be sure to submit that report on time!

If the site you want to use is not available in your country, you can still use it with the help of PrivateVPN. Websites or videos that are censored or blocked can be accessed since with PrivateVPN; you are practically under a new identity – it lets you surf the Internet with a new, anonymous IP address, thus bridging the gaps to let you explore the Internet to its full extent. Your curiosity will always be satisfied.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

PrivateVPN runs on both computers and cell phones. On both of these platforms, the installation and setup is easy to follow through.

People who are new to VPNs won’t have trouble with this procedure, as it’s pretty much the same as downloading any other app. You’ll just have to read through and accept the privacy policy and download the software – it takes less than a minute to install, so you won’t have to wait long for your secure, private Internet experience.

If you’re still having problems with running PrivateVPN, it has a very prompt to reply, polite and easy to understand Customer Support who are always ready to answer your questions. They simplify tech-talk to ensure every customer’s satisfaction with their guidance. However, if you’re having trouble but prefer not to reach out to Support, PrivateVPN also has guides up on their website regarding setup on various devices.

Its general layout is clean and easy to understand. You just choose the server you want to go on; you also have quite a bit of a choice, as PrivateVPN has more than 80 servers spread across 56 countries. If you can’t quite find the right one to access the websites you need, you can ask Support and be sure to have a reply in less than 24 hours.

PrivateVPN understands that to provide a good service to its consumers; you have to have their back and guide them if needed.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

PrivateVPN already offers low prices for the service it gives at less than $9 a month. However, another one of its assets is its 30-day refund period. Most VPNs have a 7-day refund period, but you can use PrivateVPN for an entire month, listing down its pros and cons effectively, before finally reaching a decision.

In addition to this, PrivateVPN also states in its FAQ that you can e-mail them if you want to try the VPN out, risk-free, for 7-days – they promise to send back a gift code for you to input. If you’re contemplating heavily against spending for a VPN, this may be an option.

Payment for this VPN is flexible, as you can pay through credit cards, Paypal, Payson Direct Bank Transfer, and Stripe. If you want to save money, they also have a referral program – once you refer someone to their service, you earn points that you can use to buy free days of PrivateVPN.


PrivateVPN is a go to if you want a VPN that’s cheap, ensures your privacy and security, and guarantees your satisfaction. They make sure every cent you pay them counts towards the swift, quality service they promise and provide.