If you want a low-cost, reliable VPN for your everyday Internet needs, Private Internet Access – PIA for short – is for you.

PIA, initially released in August 2010, has been very popular among VPN users, mostly for its insanely affordable price and easy to understand layout. You can avail of this VPN for less than $7 a month, and even lower if you opt for their 6-month or yearly packages. There are no package-locked features, meaning that those who paid for the annual packages at $3.33 a month enjoy the same features and privileges as those who only paid $6.95 for one month.

If you’re unsure whether or not to spend your money on PIA, know that this VPN offers a 7-day money back guarantee. You’ll be refunded if you find their service to be lacking or unsatisfactory.


Private Internet Access


• Unlimited bandwidth and usage• Ad Blocker
• 3,000 servers worldwide
• User-friendly interface
• Up to five simultaneous connections
• Internet Kill Switch
• No logging policy

Emphasis on privacy and security

One of the main reasons why users turn to VPNs such as Private Internet Access is to ensure that their privacy is not compromised. PIA assures the user just that with its protocols, like PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec.

Two of the main problems of browsing the Internet are malware and trackers. PIA has a built-in feature called PIA MACE that keeps these attackers out.

Additionally, PIA also has the IPv6 leak protection which disables your IPv6 at the click of a button. This is a safety measure carried out so that your IPv6 address won’t leak out of the VPN tunnel.

If worst comes to worst and the connection to the VPN server fails, PIA has an Internet Kill Switch. This particular feature kills the Internet connection on your device in case of failure to connect to the VPN. This is to make sure that your device won’t connect to the Internet via your normal ISP and expose you to the websites you’re currently on before the malfunction. It’s a countermeasure for your privacy and one of the very first things to look for in your choice of VPNs.

Moreover, if what you’re worried about is the company itself keeping tabs on what you do, worry not. PIA has proven itself in court and in a written statement that it does not keep any logs. The people in charge admitted that it had made some aspects difficult, but they stuck true to their statement about keeping the customer’s utmost privacy. Few VPNs have stuck by the no logging policy, PIA being one of the few.

Minimalist User-Friendly Design

One of the things that set PIA apart from other VPNs is how easy its layout is.

Newbies to using VPNs will find it easy to download and set up, its user-interface being simple and to the point. You just click on the red PIA button, and you can connect to the VPN; you can enable and disable features at the click of a button!

If you’re one of the more advanced users, however, there’s an advanced tab to cater to your needs. PIA offers you the chance to fine-tune your own encryption settings to your preference. If you’re not in the mood to configure, there are also presets you can mix and match, such as “Risky Business” and “All Speed No Safety.”

To explain their features to the general audience more, they have a page on their website that details the different options available to the user.

Unlimited bandwidth

Some VPNs offer limited amounts of bandwidth. With Private Internet Access, you don’t need to check again and again if you’re going over the limit – you can use the VPN as much as you want, without worrying. Stream, play, chat, and watch as much as you want – there’s nothing stopping you if you use PIA.

Geographical limitations are also remedied by this VPN. If you want to watch a certain singer’s video on YouTube but somehow find the video unavailable in your country, use PIA to connect via another country! It might sound complicated to non-technical people, but as mentioned above, PIA makes it easy. PIA has 3,000 servers worldwide across 28 countries; you’re sure to find one that fits your needs at a decent speed.

Your ISP won’t be a problem too. Once you use Private Internet Access, you’d have private access to the Internet, quite literally! You’d be invisible to your ISP, so they won’t have any reason to throttle your bandwidth.

Handles multiple users

A PIA account can support a maximum of five devices. For such a low price, you can ensure that all the five devices are protected by PIA and are able to benefit from all its features. It’s perfect for most home settings, as different users can be on at different times and accessing varied sites across the Internet. PIA will not only ensure their privacy but their security against malware as well.

Private Internet Access is highly compatible with most devices; whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or personal computer, your safety is certain, your secrets intact.

Low cost, efficient VPN

Private Internet Access is one of the cheapest VPNs you can find available and it functions quite well for its price. You can browse the Internet trail-free without so much as spending $7 per month!

There are a variety of ways you can pay for PIA, some of which are PayPal, CashU, Bitcoin, Amazon Payments, credit cards, ZCash, Mint, and OKPay. In addition to this, you can ruffle up your gift cards, as they also accept most of them as payment.


For its price, Private Internet Access is cost-efficient and performs the job of a VPN well. It has decent speed, varied security protocols, and even protects the user from malware. Its design is perfect for both newbies to the VPN scene and experts in customizing their settings. For less than $7 a month, you can browse the Internet as much as you want, without fear of other people eavesdropping on your personal business. Indeed, it’s worth more than what it costs, which makes it all the more recommendable.