If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, reliable VPN, then look no further. Hide.Me is sure to satisfy your VPN needs.

Hide.Me is a Malaysia-based company that offers superb speed and secure Internet across their three price plans. The first one is completely free – a fine way of testing the VPN for yourself and deciding whether or not it’s worth investing your money on. Their Plus plan is priced at $4.99 a month and breaks free of most of the restrictions of the free model. The priciest of the three is their Premium model; you do get what you pay for! At $9.99 a month, still on the lower end of VPN prices, you’ll be able to use Hide.Me’s features with absolutely no restrictions.

If you think their service is dissatisfactory or lacking, you can get a refund, as they offer a 14-day money back guarantee.


Hide.me Features• Wide range of protocols
• More than 100 servers in 30+ locations
• Zero logging policy
• Easy to install and configure
• Internet Kill Switch
• Responsive Customer Support
• Free Mode: 3 locations, 1 simultaneous connection, best effort bandwidth, 2 GB data transfer, full protocol support
• Plus Model: 30+ locations, 1 simultaneous connection, unlimited bandwidth, 75 GB data transfer, full protocol support
• Premium Model: 30+ locations, 5 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, full protocol support

Different models for different users

Once you decide on Hide.me, you get three models to choose from; Free, Plus, and Premium. Admittedly, the Free and Plus models have more restrictions than the Premium model, but this only allows for more customization and less spending on the user’s part.

These models are designed for Hide.Me’s varied customers. If you only have one device and merely seek a VPN to aid and protect your privacy, you don’t need to spend too much – you can get Hide.Me for free, or if you seek more options and stability, pay a minimal fee. The Premium model is for those who want to go all out, perfect for those with more than one device connected to the Internet, or for those who need to transfer loads of data.

The Free Model is also advisable if you want to test how well this VPN can perform; once you confirm that Hide.Me is indeed speedy and well-protected, you can then decide which plan you’re willing to pay for. The best part about Hide.Me’s Free model is that it’s free forever, with no time limits– you can take your time to ponder on your choice while enjoying a safe, trail-free Internet experience.

However, if you really want to experience their paid plans’ capabilities first before spending a time, you can e-mail support, and they will grant you a free 1-day Premium model trial. Indeed, Hide.Me attempts its best to assist its customers who are still in the process of deciding.

Features Hide.me

Entirely safe and secure

Although there are three separate price models, Hide.Me supports full protocols for all three. Hide.Me has a particularly wide set of protocols compared to other VPNs, namely KEv2, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, Softether, SOCKS and SSTP. The level of encryption Hide.Me has is also exceptionally high, up to AES-256.

The company follows the zero logging policy, which ensures you that it does not keep logs of what you do while using their VPN; they regularly publish a transparency report, wherein they clearly state that they cannot fulfill requests for user information, as they stay true to their promise of keeping no logs. Rest assured that what you do while on Hide.me is something only you are privy to.

With Hide.Me, you don’t need to worry about using public Wi-Fi hotspots. You’re free to plop your laptop down and browse the Internet without worrying about your personal information being leaked – Hide.Me will shield you from these Internet-attackers.

There’s no risk of eavesdropping strangers once you use Hide.Me. It is perfect for those who regularly send and receive sensitive data in their line of work; you can download and upload files privately, which makes file transfer easier and safer.

Protection and security offered by Hide.Me is not limited to computers and laptops alone. It is compatible with every device, even mobile phones. You merely have to download the app and stay private and risk-free wherever you go.

If for some reason, your connection to the Hide.Me’s server is disrupted, you need not worry. It also features an Internet Kill Switch, which “kills” your current Internet Connection. This is a countermeasure to prevent your device from accessing the Internet using your normal ISP.

Simple and straightforward

Setting up some VPNs can take some time. Hide.Me, however, has an easy to understand user interface. All you have to do is log in, and it automatically displays the list of servers available to you! Hide.Me’s website also goes into depth about the different servers, describing each one extensively so you can easily find the one best suited to your needs.

If you still have technical difficulties, Hide.Me has a very responsive Customer Support more than willing to assist you with your optimal Hide.Me experience.

Satisfies your Internet needs

Some videos and websites are country-specific and cannot be accessed unless you have Hide.Me. Hide.Me is a VPN that unlocks geographically locked content to fulfill your Internet needs. This VPN paves the way for a more open, free world where you can view what you want to view, read what you want to read – basically perform what you want to perform, no limits and at a decent speed. Accessing the Internet from overseas will be hassle and restriction free.

Its Plus and Premium Plan also include unlimited bandwidth; you can do as much as you want on the Internet without worrying about additional costs. You can stream sports, share what you’re doing on social media – there’s no reason to put your life on pause to check if you’ve gone over your bandwidth limit. The world is basically at your fingertips.


Hide.Me is a VPN that offers versatile plans for people who want to customize how they pay for their VPN and what they receive. It is fast, secure, and largely open to their clients – assisting them in forums, and in whatever way they can. If you seek solid support and a trusted failsafe VPN, Hide.Me does not disappoint.